Sunday, August 05, 2007

i thought i was proud.
when a week passed and i had not visited.
when i created solitude.
when i re-directed my goals.

yet when this was achieved, i felt unfulfilled.
i continued to misdirect my desires. my needs.

my storybook view of how my life should be....
i thought i was never going to walk through that door.
i began to believe that was never going to be my fairy tale ending.

some time in between dinners and chaotic introductions,
i have been sprinkled with pixie dust.
the story has not only come alive,
but read hidden pages.
pages that force me to speechlessness at each waking of the sun in my existence.

my activity from rise to rest is healthy, concious, and moral.
i am living a dream.
i am living a high.
i heart my companion.

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