Friday, January 30, 2009

time management...

i have yet to master.
my thoughts overcome me, i wonder how i will juggle it all.
there are mornings with nursing, clothes, hair, diaper changing 1-3 times, teeth, nourishment and school.
there are mid-mornings and afternoons filled with feedings, meal planing, crying, laundry, picking up the house, doctor visits, sister time, diapers, grocery shopping, dishes, organizing, walking, some how fitting lunch, pick up time, homework time, gymnastics time, dinner time, bath time x 3, reading time, tuck-her-in time, all while taking care of an infant new to this world and keeping in mind my goal of being super wife/mom/friend/daughter/sister/designer
what the hell.
how do i keep from getting overwhelmed?

its all worth it.
i just need to get used to this new layer of skin.

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Lisa P said...

Ive always loved the way you write(not in a creepy way)...I just remember reading some of your thoughts from myspace. I can so relate to this one. Especially felt it at its peak when Garcia was 2-3 months. Now is better but I have my relapses of feeling overwhelmed every now and then.